Family Owned and Operated
Belle River Candles has been a family owned and operated business for many years. All of our candles are hand-made by us right here in Belle River, near Windsor, Ontario. The reason we our candles are hand-crafted is to ensure they are truly unique. No two candles are ever exactly alike.

High Quality Soy Wax
All of our candles at Belle River Candles are 95% high quality soy wax imported from only the best certified suppliers in North America. Some of our food candles contain small amounts of gel and paraffin, but we use these elements to create a realistic design that looks good enough to eat. We import all of our supplies from factory direct in order to ensure that we are purchasing only the finest quality ingredients, and in an effort to keep our costs down. We are also responsible for our own importing and shipping.





At Belle River Candles we are always experimenting with new candles, new scents and new techniques so that we can offer the highest quality candles possible. We handpick all our our glassware in order to make our desert and drink candles authentic and unique works of art. From ice cream sundae dishes to Coca-Cola glasses and beer mugs, we want our creations to look as real as they can..

We want to make sure that our candles will truly brighten your life!